Catalinbread WIIO


Hearkening back to the 70 ‘s, the Catalinbread WIIO delivers all the classic, dynamic overdrive that British amps from that era are famous for. The Catalinbread WIIO is a monstrous gain pedal that even at the highest gain settings responds to picking dynamics and cleans up with the power of the pick attack and volume knob. At full gain settings, the volume knob will clean up to a nice rhythm crunch that, when picked lightly, will clean up totally for a 3-setting tone just by using the volume knob and pick. Frequency response is huge, if your amp can deliver, so can the Catalinbread WIIO. Each and every note and nuance comes through and when the Gain is maxed the breakup is raw and in your face on the attack with a clean finish and a nice midrange bark that cuts through the mix like butter. The Catalinbread WIIO is built to be interactive, the EQ controls and the Gain control act together to change the feel and add grit to the signal. When searching for just the right pedal, most guitarists look for one that interacts with them and the guitar, not one that just clips. The Catalinbread WIIO is that perfect interaction with player and instrument that most guitarists desire, providing a platform for expression that is second to none in overdrive pedals.

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Dimensions 20 x 10 x 10 cm